Drug and Alcohol Testing
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DOT Testing - We help your company adhere to strict DOT guidelines for your DOT regulated employees for breath alcohol and urine.
Non DOT Testing - Results in as little as 24 - 48 hours. We test for a wide variety of substances including prescription drugs, street drugs and alcohol.

Normal wait time is less than 25 minutes
(No previous clinic visit required)
(No appointment necessary) except for blood draws

Hair Follicle Drug Testing*
Urine Drug Testing (DOT or non-DOT)
Saliva (Oral) Drug Testing
Pre-Employment Drug Screening Testing
Self Drug Testing
Teenager (School) Drug Testing- can be done analogously

Drug Testing
• DOT      
• We will modify forms to accommodate donors without preprinted forms
• Non-DOT - 5 Panel and 10 Panel Drugs (Lab Based Test)
• Non-DOT - 5 Panel and 10 Panel Drugs (Instant Results)  
• Non-DOT - 5 Panel and 10 Panel Urine based Lab Test -With Alcohol (Tests Alcohol for the previous 8 hours)
• Preferred Collection Site for Quest, Lab Corp, Medtox, Alere, ATN, CRL e-Screen and Redwood Toxicology
• Instant In Home Drug and Alcohol (package) Tests and training available for home use 5 Panel 10 Panel     

• ETG - Alcohol Testing Tests for alcohol in the system for the past 80 hours     
• Non-DOT Drug Lab Test -With Alcohol 10 Panel (PLUS Alcohol testing for the past 8 hours)
• BAT - Alcohol Test Breathalyzer     
• Alcohol Test Confirmation     
• Alcohol-Blood Draw (Apt only)     Florida Drug Free Workplace Compliance
• Alcohol Test Instant Non-DOT    

Other Services
• Hair Follicle Drug Test 5 Panel and 10 Panel available*    
• Nail Drug Test 5 Panel and 10 Panel available 
• Probation Compliance Drug and Alcohol Tests
• Immediate scanning and sending of all results to appropriate agencies and officers (no charge)
• Post Accident Testing in Hospitals and Emergency Rooms
Group discounts available.
All collectors meet the requirements of the DOT’s CFR Part 40 §40.33,
Including the qualification training

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